Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment

Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment are possible, although a rejection of credit can be expected at the house banks. A better understanding of the way of thinking of banks alleviates personal annoyance and ensures that realistic credit opportunities remain.

Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment – that’s how the house bank sees it

Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment - that

Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment are difficult to get. The first restrictions on lending already apply on the day you lose your job. An unsecured, open-ended employment contract offered the best credit conditions. With the termination of the employer, this important lending criterion is no longer applicable. With ALG 1, nobody is automatically unworthy of credit. At this point, the danger of slipping in ALG 2 casts its shadow.

In addition, the usual credit line is usually limited. The income from ALG 1 no longer corresponds to the amount of the previous work income. Most people are already breaking the hurdle of the exemption from attachment. As a result, they are either only very severely creditworthy or are no longer getting a loan. The desire to get the loan despite a negative Credit Bureau, at least to exclude the Credit Bureau, is a knock-out reason for the loan. No ordinary German commercial bank grants the loan without Credit Bureau.

Special providers – what are the credit opportunities?

Special providers - what are the credit opportunities?

Special providers, mostly credit brokers, but for some time now even special banks from Germany, often advertise loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment. The credit opportunities are not equally good for everyone. Risk loans are always subject to individual decisions. A loan would be possible within a very narrow framework despite a negative Credit Bureau entry.

First of all, the Credit Bureau entry must be a “minor offense”. It is not uncommon for an overlooked warning to appear in the Credit Bureau. The entry should also have the completion note. Nobody grants a loan to a debtor who can expect his available income to be seized at any time. If the ALG 1 income now significantly exceeds the garnishment exemption limits, the foreign loan or a special domestic offer can be approved. Any remaining concerns can be offset by a guarantee.

Microcredit and educational opportunities

Microcredit and educational opportunities

Again depending on the “quality” of the Credit Bureau entry, practically all educational loans are still accessible. There is no requirement for a minimum income. Problems with the granting of educational loans are inevitable only within the scope of the affidavit or personal bankruptcy.

In the case of ALG 2, the chance of a non-earmarked loan also deteriorates. Neither a house bank nor the offers from the Internet offer realistic credit opportunities. Despite Credit Bureau and unemployment, loans remain possible as social loans from the churches or charities. You can also try a private loan in the smallest credit line. A guaranteed loan disbursement under these circumstances is only promised by the pawnshop.